Thursday, May 15, 2014

Instead of a Rainbow ~ A Friday Finds

We've had storms this week...and rain...some sun...sometimes rain and sun simultaneously...briefly.  That was yesterday.  I was reading the first week from Kim's Be Still 52 practicing stillness when I noticed.  I grabbed my Nikon...knowing what I would find!

But I was wrong...  There was no rainbow.

Turning to the door...I saw what I was to find.  My white lilac bush, so scrawny last year, was bursting with blooms...full blooms.

Some with diamonds...rain diamonds...

And then the sun hid its face back behind the clouds...but then came a different kind of beauty...

And though no rainbow...I could only think of this quote by Anne Frank...

And I am grateful...

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  1. good morning Denise ... we have been having the same weather all week ... rainy, gloomy days with just a pop of sunshine here and there ... no rainbows either. But i love your lilacs ... beautiful and their aroma must be wonderful! here's to sunny days ahead!

  2. Your addition of the quotes to these lovely lilac pictures is perfect - great font choice and color - so artfully blended into the images. Don't you just love the fragrance? We have rain, too. Glad I took my peony photos before the flowers were beaten down!

  3. Denise - you found a real treasure! And rainbows don't smell as heavenly as lilacs do. :-D

  4. Oh wow Denise! What a lovely collection of images from your Lilac. And white! Mine are purple but the trees themselves are soooo old, the blooms have become pretty small.
    Wonderful post!

  5. I did the same thing yesterday...rain out in the sunshine and rain hoping for a rainbow here either! Such beautiful photos. I know those flowers smell wonderful!

  6. No rainbows here either....just rain:) Beautiful lilac images...I can see them hanging as a group on a bedroom wall to wake to:)

  7. Well I must say a rainbow is always fun to capture but these lovely white lilac blooms are just as delightful. So soft, dainty, and beautiful.


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