Tuesday, September 10, 2013

What Season Is It?

Linking up with Texture Tuesday with Kim and Tuesday Muse over at A Rural Journal...

And wondering what season is this...????

I see summer fading...days of darker mornings and the sun lower in the sky setting earlier.  Climate becoming more temperate...crisp blue skies...cool evenings and open windows.

Then today it is 94 degrees...hot, muggy, humid...blech!  Definitely not feeling summer fading...

And definitely not feeling Fall...

But alas, by the weekend we'll be lucky to reach beyond 60 degrees.

Gotta love northeast Ohio weather!


  1. We are having the same kind of weather here Denise...I am still in summer mode...hoping things settle down next week...
    Love your photo's they really remind us that fall is indeed, on it's way..
    Maybe I should get a few pumpkins...shake things up around here.

    1. Thanks, Cheryl...the mums and pumpkin was taken in 2010...I just re-edited and re-processed it. Have learned so much more since I snapped this photo.

  2. It's the same here...tonight is the first night that we can have the house open and rid it of being closed up for weeks on end in triple digit heat. Great shots...visiting from a RJ

  3. Same here in NY..not sure from day to day what to wear...is it summer? Is it fall? Me, I'm ready for fall. Just don't like what comes after that. :(

  4. Like the feel of your photos and how they add to your words.

  5. The summer is fighting but every year autumn is the winner.

  6. The 90's in September is just wrong. Here it is suppose to be 66 on Friday, yesterday it was 91. Bring on Fall.

  7. I looked for pumpkins or gourds yesterday but too hot for them I guess -- love your fallish creations Denise!

  8. You captured the changing seasons beautifully! We just ended a heat wave here...with a disastrous monsoon-like hailstorm (check out my FB album) that flooded our basement a bit and literally stripped my gardens bare, leaving mere stems. In some spots just down the street the hail piled up 2 feet! Now it's just in the 60's and rainy.


  9. That is always the way it is in September, at least from my experience. Love that first image, a mixture of summer and fall, so pretty with the blues and oranges. You really do beautiful work Denise.

  10. Great end of summer photos.



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