Monday, September 30, 2013

A Groovy Baby Boomer Flashback

Edster, Bruno, Arthur, and I are on vacation...and I tend to keep my online presence to a minimum.  You know...kind of unplug.  Not on Facebook much...not answering much email...and definitely not poking my head into anything work related...for real!

Our tires crossed the West Virginia border on Friday.  You don't have to see the Welcome Sign...because everywhere are "signs" telling you where you are.

After a slow, lazy Saturday morning (coffee first, schemes later)...we boarded the Fabian Fun Van off to a local, annual event...The Leaf Peepers Davis, West Virginia (population 660)...the closest town to the Canaan Valley.  Now...Canaan is not pronounced as in the promised land of the Bible...but is pronouced Ka-NANE Valley (in case you'll stick out big time if you say it wrong).

A people watcher by nature...I started clickin away with my paparazzi zoom lens.  I kept seeing these variations on a theme...

Did I step into a hippie convention by accident?


And this guy...

I found myself singing to myself ...back from the late 60s...envisioning a lava lamp and Peter Max poster.,,

I know...a pretty bizarre post...but, hey...I'm on vacation!!!


  1. Your photos are amazing.. I love the second and third. Have a Blessed week.

  2. Love those dreadlocks, some of my kids friends have them

  3. What a fun trip you're having!


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