Sunday, September 8, 2013

A Saturday Reminder

I had an early appointment on Saturday morning, so afterward, Edster and I, along with Arthur, drove about 45 minutes south to Kidron...located in the largest concentration of Amish  in the world.

Camera in hand...and not a stranger to this area, we roamed around 20-30 flea market tables.  Lunch was enjoyed at "Mrs. Yoder's Kitchen" in Mount Hope.  Then we roamed the side county  roads with no agenda...seeing what we might see.  Farms, animals, flowers, laborers in the fields, teams of huge Belgian work horses.

Now...I rarely will photograph the Amish out of respect of their religious beliefs...and in the few moments I have, it has always been from behind or showing only a fraction of the face.

This little boy (maybe about 3 or 4?) was walking down the road...hand in hand with his father.  I quickly snapped it with my 70-300mm zoom lens through the car windshield.

Making minor edits...I have found this quickly-snapped, random shot quite meaningful.

It reminded me of my relationship with God...and pondering the love and tenderness by which He leads and guides...trains and encourages...and blesses me.

The father is very focused, holding the child's hand securely.  Walking steadily, while the child is distracted by all that is around him.  Yet with full faith in his father, his hand remains clasped with confidence.  The father has a lot of experience on this road...wearing appropriate shoes to protect his feet.  The child...not so his feet getting so dirty!

God is good and so worthy of my trust...a fact that remains despite circumstances.

I am at peace when my hand is in His.


  1. Needed this gentle reminder this morning. Love this image.

  2. Such a sweet capture. Thank you for stopping by today Denise.

  3. Such a special part of the country, I am always envious of this lifestyle sometimes, not always just sometimes.

  4. I love this image, great capture. And I love your words too.

  5. Denise, what a great image of God's couldn't of said it better.

  6. Lovely father/son photo to illustrate your words. We can be secure with our hand tucked in God, the Father's, hand.

  7. This is one of my favorite posts of yours, and will remain near and dear to my heart.



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