Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Taking a Break for Simple Beauty

I thought on this freezing rain Monday I would take a break from my devotional series (one more week) and put up a couple of examples of my "homework" from my year-long class with Kim Klassen.  This is my second year with her...and life just wouldn't be the same if she and my groupies weren't together!

This layout/mosaic was "theoretically" to be done in Photoshop Elements 11...but the easy peasy method Kim showed us just doesn't quite add up in Windows (vs. a Mac program).  But we're going to continue to dig to work our away around it.

Simple Beauty

Instead, I used a technique in the Print module of Lightroom 4...still good, still fun!

The other technique for this week was how to accomplish a matte, misty finish in Lightroom 4.  What photo to use...

Today the weather is a little discouraging in northeast Ohio this close to the first day of Spring...so I thought we all could use a little HOPE...

Hope, Joy and Peace

That's it for today...thank you for letting me share my photos...and my joy!


  1. Denise beautiful I love the image in the second one ....

  2. both are so creative, but the second is just saturated with beauty. Are you writing devotions for Lent. Would love to read them.

  3. Lovely! I have to get back with my 2B lessons.

  4. Lovely lovely! Here's to a fast melt!


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