Friday, February 1, 2013

Never Lose Hope

Well, thank you for allowing me to unload a difficult day last time...I'll try not to do that too often.  But it was wonderful to have a place to put it.

So, on an Ohio day that felt like April in January this week, I was walking King Arthur after work.  I noticed a pussy willow.  And I found myself camera-less...  The next morning, Thursday, still dark--I walked Arthur down the was a white out, snow blowing, in the 20s...I remembered that pussy willow...AND my camera...


And it was still there...along with some others I had not spied.  And it was a good reminder...

Even though that morning the hint of Spring was gone...reminders were still there...

Never lose hope...

The storm will end...

The sun will shine again...

And the warmth will return in spite of your storm.


  1. So beautiful. I remember pussy willows from when I was a kid growing up in Wisconsin. I haven't seen any here in Oklahoma! Thanks for the memory and the reminder to never lose hope!!

  2. oh what beauty! I adore that second image. even in B&W. What a treat.

  3. Lovely images - I adore pussy willow and looking forward to spring so much.

  4. Jeremiah 29:11 A verse that can get you through a lot of hard times.

  5. Fantastic color and texture variations! Love them all!

  6. i LOve pussy willows. We had one in our yard (we've since moved) and had to trim it every year so it wouldn't get HUGE. People at church got 4-6 foot trimmings every year! Your photographs and processing are lovely.


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