Thursday, February 28, 2013

Traveling Light

Just a little, easy and light post that incoporates homework from Day 5 of Beyond Beyond...the newest e-course from Kim Klassen.

This Day 5 was jam-packed with content...but part was a challenge to add light to your photos...

Treasure the Moment - 2B Day 5

Now, Kim has the luxury of an old antique home with large windows and a second story floor high above anything in her neighborhood that would block the glorious daylight...

This poor schlogger, and some of my other photo friends, aren't so lucky...standard size windows, bad natural light, or not even being home when there is the best light...

So rather than crying in our beer coveting Kim's house...she gave us some secrets to overcome this little obstacle.

All Things New - 2B Day 5
But I cannot share these secrets...or my gangsta Kim Klassen groupies will find me and cut know who you are! <smile>

True Rest - 2B Day 5

My "studio room" is a light gray with white beadboard...but these original wooden mini blinds from the previous owner HAVE to go...

So...instead...I ordered some MarthaWindow (ooooooooooooooooooooooh) sheer grommet-top panels from JCPenneys and some great hardware to "go with"...a nice airy look that will provide some nice light diffusion in that room.

With a Grateful Heart

I'm stoked...inspired...ready to rumble...but first...

Quiet Observer - 2B Day 5

a cup of coffee...and a tiny dish of mocha mudslide ice cream...the cheap brand (Great Value) from Walmart.  It is to DIE for...  Just look at these stars!

Until next time (gotta run and get my OLW vision board done!)


  1. great light photos. Watch out for the KK groupies, they will get you :) I haven't even touched the idea of the Vision Board yet. Oh well.

  2. Don't know how you keep up with the classes, but I love seeing your work!

  3. Wonderful images and a great your sense of humour!

  4. Great images Denise I love the top one the light is beautiful.. Lol love the idea of gansta Kim....

  5. Just lovely! Can i ask what font the 'everything' is? Love those swishes! :)

    1. Nina - It's a .png Word Art...a freebie I got somewhere.

    2. Actually, I got it from Papercraft Memories...there's a button link on my sidebar!

  6. Wonderful pictures and I love the way you edit with Kim's texture. I'm not a KK groupy (yet) but I'm your newest follower ;)

    Nice te meet you and until next time,

    1. If you are on Facebook and think you'll be taking some Kim Klassen classes...find me, friend me, and I'll invite you in.


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