Saturday, September 6, 2014

Dare to Be Grateful this September!

I have written in the past, actually rather often, about the power of gratitude.  Not because I think my readers don't know that...but because I need the reminder!

In 2011, I discovered Ann Voskamp's book, One Thousand Gifts, and it continues to impact my life.  I wrote last time about the need for one to renew their mind.  A daily gratitude list is a wonderful tool.  I keep a journal and am up to 500.

This month I am doing Ann's Joy Dare for September.  Mind if I share?

Day 1 - 3 Gifts Summer
  • My gardens
  • Summer color
  • Summer storms
Day 2 - 3 Gifts Cut
  • A slice of cake
  • Fabric cut by my mother when she made me clothes
  • A discount

Day 3 - 3 Gifts Yellow
  • Sunflowers off my deck
  • My highlighter
  • Goldfinches at my feeder

Day 4 - 1 Gift Cool, 1 Gift Warm, 1 Gift Sun-soaked
  • Ceramic tile on my bare feet
  • My Corgi's tongue
  • My cat on the porch

Day 5 - 3 Gifts Autumn
  • Goldenrod
  • Smell of new crayons
  • Low humidity

Day 6 - 3 Gifts Growing
  • My dahlias have EXPLODED!
  • The sun growing lower in the sky
  • Days growing closer to my West Virginia vacation!
What gifts can you find today???  If you'd like to join the September Joy Dare, you can find it here


  1. I enjoyed your post (as always), I'm also another gratitude counter. I record mine in the 1000 gifts journal and using the 1000 gift app for my iPhone...I would love to find some way to merge them together. Either way - it's at least three-a-day. Your images are beautiful - very well done.

    1. Carol - We must be kindred spirits! I don't always remember to do I slap my forehead and say "What am I thinking?" and become more intentional!

  2. These all have such beautiful autumn tones in them.

  3. Gorgeous photos! Love the light on the river and the light on the golden flowers! Beautiful!!

  4. Wonderul photos and wonderful thoughs my friend

  5. What beauty and and they are your gifts for sure and the gifts to us all. Wonderful Denise and I can say right back at you, you are an overachiever. :) Have a good week.

    1. Me? Not so much...but I am grateful for your kind words!

  6. Oh, this is a lovely post! Such wonderful images and a wonderful way to celebrate gratitude this month and all year!

    1. Thank you, Cathy I've come to believe that gratitude is a spiritual discipline.

  7. Those are some awesome dahlias. Love your goldenrod photo! And that sunflower is so lush. They all make my mouth water.

    1. This was the best year for my dry periods this summer and pretty mild summer temps!

  8. Your gardens are beautiful, love your Corgi, and the landscapes, but the gratitude lists are amazing!

    1. Thanks...I never knew I could love a dog SO much...

  9. Congratulations on the gratitude journey, it enhances how you look at the world.

  10. This is one of the loveliest collections of gratitude photos I've come across. Your devotion to practice gratitude is an inspiration for me. Being grateful on most days is not so hard, but being grateful even for the sad days or the hard days is a challenge. Your beautiful photos and thoughtful expressions of thankfulness remind me, too!


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