Sunday, April 20, 2014

Ponderings on Easter

It is Easter Sunday.  I am not at home.  Edster and I and the four-footed boys are in West home.  I am purposefully using this time to sort through some things...clean house.

But Christ is here...and the morning...and Jesus is alive!  Sitting alone in the living area of this horse camp apartment, listening to music with Arthur laying at my feet...I was moved by a particular song that came on, written by John Lemonis and recorded by the Crist family.

The closer I get to the cross,
the more I clearly see
the holiness of You and
the sinfulness of me.
There's a beauty in the agony
that draws me to this place.
The closer I get to the cross
the more amazed I am by grace.

Here is the full version:

It's easier to rush through life in a blur, not stopping to pause or contemplate...but it is an empty life.  Socrates even knew that, "The unexamined life is not worth living."

This Easter, during this vacation, I'm craving the Holy Spirit to search me to bring back the joy again that overflows in all I say and do.  That means, getting closer to the cross.

And there all becomes clear.


  1. A powerful morning of song and worship today at our church. So good for the soul.

  2. wow.. I agree. Powerful !! Took my breath away.. I have tears. Beautiful. .. So awesome. I think were on the same journey.. different but it all ends up with our Amazing God.

  3. It is good to join you on this journey. It starts with asking "What do YOU want, Lord?" instead of "Help me Lord get what I want."
    Then you simply the 'small, still voice...'


  4. Your Easter sounds blessed! We had a wonderful church service and time with family! I am blessed, also!

  5. Beautiful cross necklace picture!!


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