Saturday, June 22, 2013

Two Posts in One - Friday Finds Plus!'s not Friday (it's Saturday)...but sometimes this working girl is a day late and a dollar short...

This Friday Finds is inspired by Carol Orbeck and Summer of Color 2013...

Summer of Color challenge this week was hot pink and orange...what could I do that wasn't flowers????

Friday Find and Summer of Color 2013 - Week 2
Well back to my last post...she said she had to know where I got the one charm in this photo that says gratitude...

Aha!  This has been one of the best finds EVAH!  This is a long necklace (that can double up into a shorter version) with these charms already already included.  I bought this as part of a fund-raiser for The Arc of Summit and Portage Counties out of one of those jewelry-party catalogs.  I wear it all the time.  Not only does it encourage me each day...but just like I can hear Arthur coming when he wears his tags on his collar...people know I'm coming (smile).

Now for Summer of Color 2013...I'm kind of conservative.  I have this orange-ish topper, with three-quarter length sleeves that I wear over a hip-length tank...but the jersey tank is white! (boring)  So I thought I would pair it up with a hot pink one I have.

The topper has this nice lace detail on the shoulder...

And here is the detail on the tank...

Add my Friday Find necklace, a silver Omega choker, and a pair of earrings...AND a pair of white capris...

This might actually work...

I must admit, the color is much bolder than these photos...I toned it down for you to see the detail.

Next week?  Who might be purple and aqua...

Happy Summer!!!


  1. Thank you, I've been busy searching the world (wide web) for it. When (not if) I find it, I'll let you know.

    I love the outfit you created - so summery.

  2. You should wear the outfit it would be a beautiful summer combination.

  3. Lovely funky colours love the necklace as well....

  4. I am in love with coral this summer. everything I buy is this color - even my nail polish. love it with the hot pink!

  5. WOWZA! I am so happy that Carol asked you about the charm! That way we got to see the entire necklace and where you got it! It is wonderful! And I am absolutely LOVING your amazing outfit! So perfect for the SOC colors this week. Thanks for sharing this wonderful post with all of us!

  6. Your photo styling is gorgeous, and I'm certain you will bring a smile wherever you go with the beautiful ensemble. I love the back story of your Friday Finds. And yes, I'm often a day late and a dollar short, too! Beautiful blog. I'll stop by again soon.

  7. Knick-out!Want to see it on you now :-)
    Neckline is superb.

  8. You make me hungry for sherbet ice cream. Great necklace. I wouldn't mind having one either.

    1. I looked both in Cookie Lee and Traci Lynn catalogs and did not see it...hmmmm....but those were the two DSA jewelry companies from which I ordered (I can't remember which one it came from though.)

  9. Nice necklace, I love things like this and such nice words to live by.

    To answer your question about my breakfast yes it was still hot when I ate it. I made sure I worked fast so I could enjoy the fruits of my labor. That is the bad thing about trying to photograph food items.

  10. I can see why you wear that necklace everyday - love it!


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