Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Exhaustion of Insincerity - Conclusion

So, let's conclude this thread about insincerity and the audacity of authenticity that I started a few posts back.

Reflecting on embracing who we are, instead of who others think we are supposed to be...stirred up even more questions...especially as a Christian...whose allegiance to God's Word includes pages with words such as, "conform," "transform," "crucified," "die daily," and "new creature."

In light of this, embracing who I am or how I am, still leaves a lot to be desired...

But the key is not about who I am...but who I am in Christ...because of Christ...

What I have noticed has become so pervasive in the Body of Christ...from the time I was a little that somehow those in the Church have inadvertently and unintentionally made it about performance, perfectionism, and how our level of spirituality is about what we do instead of our standing alone because, and only because, of our rescue bought by Christ's sacrifice alone.

At times, life in the community of Christians can feel like a spiritual beauty contest...

Okay, before you came to Christ you were bankrupt...pitiful...pathetic, but now you have joined gotta do, measure up, jump through the hoops, fit the "cookie cutter" mold of a Christian that lies in the middle of the bell curve.  You've gotta get with the program to get the nice warm fuzzies.

The words of John Newton's beloved hymn states:

Amazing grace how sweet the sound, that saved a wretch like me...

It is Christ, and only Christ, that has any merit, any value, any praise, even AFTER we have received this grace.  And without this...I'll speak for me...I'm still a wretch, a mess...

But instead, in our continued bankrupt state of the human condition, our pride creates a sense of piety...competition...a climbing up the spiritual status ladder.  And instead of feeling free to be authentic and real about our struggles, our failures, our sin...after our receipt of this gift of God's grace...we wear masks to appear more "perfect," "good enough," "holy"...

And the perception is no longer God's grace that bears merit...but what I do, what I give, how much I show up, how many small group studies I'm in, how many Bible verses I've memorized, how many mission trips have I taken...that counts.

And authentic living, the safety of being vulnerable and honest, has evaded the community that should be able to embrace it the most.

So do I accept and embrace who I am...consider myself enough?  Absolutely not.

But in Christ I am...nothing more...nothing less.

And whenever I feel devalued, shamed, flawed, and less than...

I remember Whose I am...and the precious price He paid took to make it so.

God sees me as priceless...and I am overwhelmed.


  1. Oh, so true.

    P.S. - I have to ask...where did you get that charm with Gratitude/Joy on it? I just have to have one, please point me in the right direction.

  2. Such a thoughtful post beautifully written with such wonderful photos...

  3. Yes...much 'food' for thought here. He knows the real you, sees through any attempt to portray yourself otherwise. And that's all that matters.

    Thank you for this.

  4. Such a beautifully written post and I just loved gazing at your amazing photographs!


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