Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Gift That Keeps On Giving - Ed's Father's Day

All of Ed's family is at least 6 hours or more away...

His love for me compelled him to move west to Ohio from the Valley Forge area of Pennsylvania...

So texts and phone calls were shared...not the same...and I know it.

But check out his present...bought by the Missus!

Boy was he surprised...temperatures on the hood...several shelves underneath the hood...a burner...a cover...

Ed loves his new grille...but I'm no fool...

Steak...shrimp on the & turf...

He loves the grille...and I love what he makes on the grille...and I love him, the wonderful husband and father he is.


  1. Our kids are scattered around the country, so phone calls and texts keep us connected. Not the same as visiting in person, but I glad there is technologies to make things easier.

    Happy Father's Day to Ed and happy grilling to you both.

  2. Wonderful present and yummy food.


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