Sunday, January 6, 2013

Back to My One Little Word - Embrace

I plunged into the One Little Word...

First assignment...think about how you will focus on your word each month...

Again, my word for 2013 is embrace.

Scrapping materials courtesy of Coppercurls Designs, and Katie Pertiet.

One Little Word - Embrace

January - My focus is going to be on the variety of meanings of embrace and ponder how I can implement them in this coming year.

February - My focus is on embracing my health (emotional, physical, spiritual, mental)

March - My focus is on embracing my faith.  March is also the month of Easter.

April - My focus is on embracing others:  my husband, my children, my grandchildren, my friends, strangers, patients/families, co-workers, friends, neighbors.

May - My focus is on embracing who I am.  This process has already started evolving...more to come.

June - My focus is on embracing moments, although I'm thinking about changing it to "the ordinary."

One LIttle Word - Embrace 2013

July - My focus is on embracing change.  Change is hard, necessary, and inevitable.

August - My focus is on embracing difficulty...the key to growth.

September - My focus is on embracing discipline, in all areas, but my first thought was on spiritual disciplines.

October - My focus is on embracing gratitude...with extra intention.

November - My focus is on embracing my creativity.  To see it as not a hobby or luxury, but a necessity for me to breathe.

December - My focus is on embracing the work required in creativity - to show up - as well as the work that I do as my calling, as well as all the mundane tasks and responsibilities we all have as part of life.

What a year it will be...regardless...I will embrace 2013!


  1. hi dense...what a great OLW and i love your monthly intentions. I have all of my done in my i just need to find the time to create my page!

  2. These are wonderful Denise. I am almost done with mine. I have all the words just need to finish the design and layout. Doing a physical album is taking some time, but my work flow is to work on it for a while, then walk away for a while then come back and tinker with it some more. I have always worked that way.

  3. Great word for 2013and beautiful digital pages!

  4. Great job Denise. Love your word. I am with Nancy have all my intentions just need to get to the art.

  5. that's a great word and fits you well. Thanks for using my goodies.

  6. Great layouts! love the idea of how to use your word for each month!


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