Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A Blank Page

January 1, 2013...

Admit it...there's something daunting about the first day of a new year...

I came across a quote from Brad Paisley:
Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365 page book.  Write a good one.

I started a brand new journal for a brand new year...and on the first entry page was a quote by Alexander Stoddard:
What we feel, think, and do this moment influences both our present and the future in ways we may never know.  Begin.  Start right where you are.  Consider your possibilities and find add more meaning and zest to your life.
In yesterday's post I mentioned my word for the year is embrace.  Before I can move onto 2013, I must embrace all the days of 2012.  That means all the days...the hard ones, the sad ones, the mundane ones, the painful ones, the celebratory ones, the vacation ones, the stressful ones, the days that seemed to never end...

Every moment of my life is to be embraced...if I truly believe that all of it, all is grace. 

Lord, may I take the lessons learned from my failures, my shortcomings, my searchings...and apply them to this year as I continue to aim to be conformed into Your image...and not to suit my own agenda.



  1. My word is begin I wonder where it will take me? A question do you write everything in your journal ? I mean tips from websites or just your daily thoughts ?
    PS bad Viv have joined OLW too........

  2. 'and not to suit my own agenda', I better write that down somewhere I can be reminded. LOL

  3. I'm still not sure what my word is but "embrace" was my word for 2011...and it fit completely. I hope this New Year is a wonderful, blessing-filled one for you.

  4. Great insprirational words. Love the idea of "embrace." I'm thinking "intention' might be a good one for me in 2013.


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