Thursday, June 7, 2012

A Week of Quotes and Words - Day Four

Today's word from Kim Klassen's e-Course was focus.

Aligned Focus
She was like a camera chronically out of focus until someone came by and twisted the lenses into alignment.

-Deborah Harness

While this quote seems to be about focus, it is also about properly aligned priorities.  I wanted to capitalize the word "someone," as it was Someone who aligned things in my life so my perspective was corrrected.  As the great John Newton hymn says, "I was blind but now I see."  And when things start to blur, I know things are getting out of alignment once again, and that Someone becomes my focus and things miraculously line up again.  Beth Moore says, "Worship is focus."  And so when I am able to worship, I am able to focus, and I'm able to say Eucharisteo, and even though I may not see the ending or the final outcome, I am able to see His hand in all, knowing all has sifted through God's hands for my good and His glory.

But how do I get this alignment in check...where everything is in focus?  It can only come by spending time with Him, listening to His heart through His word, and allowing Him to do what He needs to do in me to be able to align me as is necessary.  The alignment process is often unpleasant.  This is my greatest area of failure, and when I am not doing it, it shows.  And as a result, the enemy gets a foothold and I can no longer see anything properly.  And, boy, does it show!!!!!

Again, my time spent with God cannot be seen as optional but a spiritual discipline.  At times, though it should seem as natural as breathing, it can feel like work.  The rewards, however, are worth it and cannot be quantified.

Inspired Focus or Focused Inspiration

With gratitude,

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