Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Weekend Highlights on a Textured Tuesday

I'm linking up today with Kim Klassen's Texture Tuesday...

Edster and I (and the dogs) went to Berlin, Ohio this past weekend...right in the middle of the largest Amish community in the world.  It was my birthday...and it was good to escape from the city to the simplicity of this rural life.

This man, a blacksmith, had just replaced this horse's shoes and took him for a walk to check his work.  Of course, the dog had to go along...

I came across five horses standing along the road...used most likely for transportation.  Here is a photo of three of them with Kim's waterfront27 texture.  They were all black...

except for this one.  This gorgeous Percheron (shown with Kim's 0212 texture) was stunning...

And I could not take my eyes off of him and those white lashes!

There is nothing so pristine as Amish farms...where nothing goes to waste. (Texture used is Kim's brisbane and sybil.)

I was moved as I contemplated how materialism complicates our life so much...and what we miss because of it.  I saw this buggy in the distance while it was snowing and the sun peeking through.  (Texture used is Kim's waterfront17.) One phrase came to my mind..."live simply."

Now, I must say that I am very hesitant to photograph the Amish, respecting their beliefs.  I try to be non-intrusive, never photographing a full face...often photographing from behind or from a distance.  At most...a profile.  But I was blessed by this bonus of ice skating youth on a frozen pond.  Watching them for nearly a half an hour, watching their smiles and their antics.  They were living their lives.  And one phrase came to mind..."simply live."

It was a beautiful weekend with those I love in a rural land truly and simply all its own.


  1. Thank you for the tour of Amish country! I have been to the Pennsylvania Amish country in Lancaster, and it is beautiful. I wonder if I could live in such simplicity, without the modern conveniences I am so used to having about me. Good words to live by--"live simply" and "simply live." Those latter words came from my physician's assistance at the Augusta Steele Burn Center when I was treated for second and third degree burns two years ago. When he removed the final bandages and declared me "healed," he told me it was time to start living again; my task was simply to live. Thank you!

  2. So pretty pictures!
    Great texture work, I like it, especially the horse pictures, so nice!
    best to you,

  3. Beautiful photos from your visit to Amish Country. My mother lives in Lancaster, PA, and yes, I love to visit. I'm always in awe of the Amish and the Mennonites who also have a large population there. It's always hard to remember to respect their wishes about photographs because any and all photographs of them and their farms are so tempting and desirable. It looks like you had a perfect birthday trip!

  4. Your photos of the simple life are so beautiful! The one of skaters is especially fun to see, and notice the one girl is holding a baby and skating!! Amazing. Lovely words Denise.

  5. Beautiful images Denise! I was just telling hubby the other day that I'd like to take a drive down there (must remember to take my camera). We used to take trips there just to eat at the "Der Dutchman". Is it still there?
    Thanks so much for sharing your lovely and "simple living" images!

    1. Cheryl - Der Dutchman is still there, but my personal favorite is Mrs. Yoder's Kitchen in Mount Hope! Best Evah!

  6. Beautiful photos Denise! I love the detail in the horse's coat & the ice skating. Happy belated Birthday!

  7. What a wonderful peaceful day! I love your images, my favorite is the skating pond.

  8. Denise, these are so beautiful. Your processing feels perfect and really enhances the atmosphere of each one. I especially love the first and last ones.

  9. These are wonderful. The 1st one and the last one were my favorites. What a great look into a culture so different from my own.

  10. Oh my, I love this post...the 'simple' folk, the farms,skating and the beautiful, sweet white horse!


  11. Your photos are beautiful! Looks like such a peaceful get away! Live simply, simply live…I will think of these words as I go about my day today!


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