Sunday, December 22, 2013

A Few Festive Photos

Well...I have been knocked into the slowest of slow lanes recovering from gallbladder surgery...but my pal, Kim, has been cheering me up with her recent brushes she offered in the Test Kitchen and other fun places.

In the corner of the eat-in kitchen...I set up a very simple branch in an oversized glass brandy snifter and some sand.  A simple decorative touch...

I made this little brush by combining the words with the sprigs Kim provided.

And made this with Kim's vine heart brush and text overlay.

And what's not to love about Kim's "jingle all the way" brush?

So, although I'm laid up...amazing how you can create with your feet up, letting your nail polish dry, and a laptop nearby.

Thank you to all who have encouraged me this week with your texts and prayers!


  1. You will have a speedy recovery - I know this because you can still focus on creativity in the process. Lovely photos, Denise.

  2. You do good work for someone who is in recovery mode! But it is therapeutic, isn't it? Being creative always helps us feel better. Take it easy and have an easy, merry, wonderful Christmas, Denise!

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