Thursday, April 18, 2013

A Sense of Place - A Bookseller in Sepia

Tonight...still behind in my Beyond Beyond lessons...was a jaunt to our local Barnes & Noble to pick a few magazines as a part of our prep work...(it's been a while since I bought a magazine...they've gone UP)...

So I decided to kind of put some of my thoughts from my Kat Sloma course to work...she makes us think about everything!  (Very attractive to a thinker like me...)

For some reason, since color was not my main mission...and I was seemed that color was a distraction, yet b&w too cold...after all, it's spring!

And look who greeted me as I came in the door?  Oh, Grace...only color for you my dear.  You deserve no less...

I saw this man...probably retired...maybe interested in a second career to supplement his retirement income...or he was really reading a "Dummies" book but did not want to stand in front of the "For Dummies" sign...

And this his golden years.  Was he trying to fill up his time now left alone as a widower?  Or was his wife at home and he needed downtime away from the chatter?  Perhaps he just had cabin fever and wanted to feel the breeze on his face, getting out of the house...perhaps have a cup of coffee before leaving...

And of course, this shelf of Shakespeare...

On the second level, I was attracted by these chairs...not in a perfect row...turned every which way...for patrons to sit down to peruse their possible purchases...

I wanted to take a view from upstairs...a birdseye of the bookshelves and a glimpse of the cafe...  Now I've heard the discussion of shooting with intention, but I tend to enjoy seeing what transpires.  Shooting several shots, I was unsure if I wanted people in the scene...but it became hard to avoid.  When I saw this shot with the blurred boy, it made me smile...  You and I both know kids do not stand still on escalators!  They he did here.

And yet this public place has a strange phenomenon...a place to be alone but not by yourself.  Many focused on computer screens, oblivious to others...even of me snapping their photo!

What a fun story to write with photos to give you a sense of this place through my eyes!  See you at the bookstore!


  1. Lovely photos Denise and I bet you had fun snapping them while people were oblivious to you! What a fun thing to do!

  2. Oh, how I love bookstores! Whether selling old books or new ones, they're some of my favorite places in the world to visit and browse and hang out. Great story, Denise! You really did give me a sense of the place. And I love Grace's touch of color.

  3. I can imagine this was a fun story to write, because it was a fun one to read. I admire your bravery, I would not be comfortable shooting inside a store or the store's customers.

  4. Great story. We visit bookstores a lot, so it was fun to see one through someone else's eyes.

  5. I love bookstores. You captured so many great stories! I love how you wondered about the story of each person.

  6. Yup, you're a Thinker alright...and I love how your mind works. Glad you thought enough to bring your camera, and had the courage to use it. Great ponderings. :)


  7. You actually carried our big girl camera around in there? Or did you use your phone? Oh brave soul. I've discovered I don't like to think. I wonder why? I'll have to think about it.


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